Originally I wanted to go with something a little more up beat and exciting, but then I decided that it would be more appropriate to play some songs that were down to earth.

Daniel Licht – Need Time

Satie – Lere Gymnopedie

Clint Mansell – Together We Will Live Forever

Pixies – Where is my Mind

(These are all actually from a study play list I made forever ago when I was procrastinating studying –go figure, here’s the entire playlist


“The Last Man” Comic Book and “The Ticking”

The comic book I looked at was called “The Last Man” which was about how everyone with a y-chromosome died except for a man and his monkey.   The art looked pretty similar to the art used in the Superman comic books.  It is very colorful and pretty detailed/complicated.  On the triangle, I would say that it would be more on the left side (detailed) but also very animated so a little towards the middle/right side.  It seemed to pretty soundly engineered, the art was pretty descriptive but the picture did a good job at helping explain the emotions being portrayed.  The layout seemed pretty typical for a comic book, the pages were filled up with panels. 
The Ticking is a story about a disfigured child whose father, upon seeing him, decides to take him away “where no one can see”. Whenever anyone comes to the island that they live one, the father makes his son wear a monkey mask. We thought that The Ticking was very soundly engineered because of the layout. Each page has one (or two, at most) panels, and they’re stark and isolated on the page. It really echoes the feelings of loneliness of the piece. The art is at once detailed and abstract – it’s extremely stylized.
Charissa Stone, Olivia Ingram, Taylor Hill

Graffiti Project

Our project was to create a graffiti project.  Out of frustration with not being able to find a job with my psychology degree (72% my fault because I don’t really want to do anything with Psychology), I made this poster.  Image

This picture is to prove that I actually used a stencil because it didn’t really work out very well. 


And I decided to put it up in front of the Psychology building, but from what I’ve seen/heard it seems like it would have been more fitting to put it in front of the LAS building  







I’m not sure what this is but I always see AB+ some random number on desks and in bathrooms.  My first thought was that it would be some sort of greek sign, except the numbers don’t really make sense. Also, why would they use “AB” instead of the greek letters if it was supposed to be some sort of “greek” thing. There’s also always the chance that someone thought it was interesting to have AB+a number and then people started picking random numbers they liked to start tagging around. Either way, it’s probably some unknown secret thing that I’ll never get to the bottom of.

I found this on campus sort of by Espresso Royale. I thought it was interesting, primarily because I didn’t understand its purpose. It looks sort of like a cartoon’sh face, but there’s no words or anything for a person to be able to “claim” this art. Perhaps someone had a spray can and just decided to randomly doodle on the wall. Either way, I thought it looked nifty and enjoyed how interesting it was so that’s why I decided to go with it.